Acatenango Volcano

Walking on the rim of the volcano’s Acatenango crater.

Acatenango is a stratovolcano close to the city of Antigua, Guatemala. Standing 3,976 meters tall, Acatenango, along with its twin volcano to the south, Volcan Fuego, overlooks the historic former capital city of Antigua, Guatemala. Acatenango has two principal summits: Yepocapa, the northern summit  and the southern Pico Mayor. Acatenango’s last eruption was in 1972 and the volcano has been dormant since then.

The hike to get to the base camp takes between 6 and 7 hours (depending on your personal conditions) and 1.5 tour from the camp to the top the next morning (4am). From the top of Acatenango you have an incredible view of Volcano Fuego and other volcanos.

Acatenango Volcano, Guatemala



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